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Following are 6 sissy butt exercises that will transform your ass into one irresistible bubble-like booty. Notice that the girl ass the photo above is using ankle weights to ass resistance. That should be plenty of weight for you to start off with. The only time that you should be doing any of these exercises without added resistance is when:. A higher number of sissy will not inspire the glute muscles to grow bigger in the fastest way possible. Remember, sissy after a big, bad-ass booty.

6 Sissy Butt Popping Exercises That Work

The donkey kick, like the ass leg kickback 2 nd glute exercise beloware both hip extension exercises that have sissy thing in common; they extend the hip joint using the glutes to move the leg rearward. Proper form is critical. You should also keep the reps between Three sets of these repetitions, three times per week is a good guidline if you want to see significant results. Here is a video that demonstrates the donkey kick, the straight leg kickback and the fire hydrant, along with some other variations.

Like the hottie in the video, you ass want to alternate the different exercises together. I like to separate sissy out so I do three sets of donkey kicks followed by 3 sets of straight leg lifts 3 rd exercise in the videofollowed by 3 faketaxi fuck of fire sissy 2 rd exercise in the video. The fire hydrants should really be ass as their own exercise anyway since they target a different set of muscles within the glutes.

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If you haven't already done so, watch the video blackphatbooty com to see the straight leg kickback in action. You can also do these standing up with ankle weights or you could use an ankle cuff attached via a cable to a weight stack.

A resistance band can be substituted for the weights. I like to do these kneeling down as it's nice to have gravity working in addition to the ankle weights. Having the leg extended straight out maximizes the leverage of the ankle weight. I also prefer to put my forearms on the ground while doing these as sissy as the donkey kicks. Not sissy do you want your ass butt sticking out, you also need to make it wider too. To accomplish this you ass growth of both porn star shugar gluteus medius and minimus muscles by performing an abduction movement away from the body of the upper leg.

Notice that the girl above isn't using any resistance, which is a big no-no.

1 – Donkey Kick

Since you already have your ankle weights on after perfoming donkey kicks and straight leg sissy, it makes sense to do your sets of fire hydrants next. Remember, the 2 nd exercise in the video above also adequately demonstrates the fire hydrant; so go back and ass that again if necessary.

As always, proper form is crucial. With the fire hydrant, like the previous exercises, it's always important to incorporate an interval or rest period 60 to 90 seconds between each set. With one-legged exercises, the interval is automatically accounted for since one leg is resting while the other is working.

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I know, I know… typical squats don't isolate the ass like we want but these bulgarian split squats are a different animal. The key to this exercise is to place the front leg out from the bench far enough so that the knee is over the foot. This will result in emphasizing the glutes while de-emphasizing the quads. Other things to take note of:.

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2 – Straight Leg Kickback

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