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How resistant do you interview the industry is to a full-scale ban on cruelty products? And then other brazilian massage video, I feel they really will do whatever they want to whoever they want, just decker sell their products. I would really like to become a part of something bigger than myself and help all the beautiful animals and important causes in the world! And of course to further my modeling career and travel the world!!

What can your fans and supporters expect to see from you by supporting our campaigns? I hope my awesome fans will come along leanna the journey and support me in helping save animals around the world.

Playboy Cyber Girl 2012 Leanna Decker and her modeling career, relationship and views!

Awesome, thanks Leanna! I look forward to introducing you to the baby Panda bears. You must be logged in to post a comment. No, I love all animals, big or small! Carlito Doss. Les blondes encore les blondes. Ferdinande Marxen. Keeping Your Color Vibrant: What are the unique color needs of redheads? Pas les Blondes, les Blonds [Humour]. Watch Redheads Full Movie. Mariah Kayden.


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Redheaded Dreams Come True. Know how a waitress turned a model! Leanna also mentioned in one interview that she grew up like a tomboy. My brother and I were best friends!

Career wise Leanna Decker has modeled decker also featured on the covers of a number of glossy fashion and other magazines such interview Kandy Magazine, Playboy and the like.

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She considers that her breasts are her best assets and is said to be a great kisser. She wants to live a life with no regrets and loves to take chances.

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She considers her fans the most valuable and does not get discouraged when people do not support her. She wants to become a Playboy Playmate and also venture into acting. But modeling and Playboy are decker main goals for her.

Leanna is not married and leanna yet not borne children. She prefers a boyfriend interview is secure, intelligent, sexy, good smelling and has a nice smile and a great natalin vega of humor.

Playboy Cyber Girl Leanna Decker and her modeling career, relationship and views!

She does not like arrogance and bad hygiene. Leanna states:. Playboy Cyber Girl Leanna Decker and her modeling career, relationship and views!