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Events View all. In Braintree, Essex videos, a man entered a mosque with two knives, threatened the congregation, son yong pal threw an explosive device, which witnesses said was a grenade or gas canister.

In Gillingham, Kenta man ran into a mosque and smashed windows and bookcases, specifically targeting those containing copies of the Quran; two men were arrested in connection with the attacks. On 5 June, the Al-Rahma Islamic Centre in Muswell Hill — which was used by children after school — was destroyed by a fire, [] and the building had been sprayed with graffiti making reference to the English Defence League.

Managing editor of The SunRichard Isis, said the newspaper had faced "a very difficult decision". Both media outlets argued they had released the video "in the public interest". BBC Videos showed some parts of the video. Sky News decided not to follow suit, as senior editors were of the opinion that the graphic images were "unnecessarily distressing". Most of Britain's national daily newspapers grabbed still images from the video footage for their front pages the next lee. They argued that the footage was an important isis of the story and shed light on the perpetrators and the possible motives for the attack.

The Guardian reported there were "around complaints from distressed viewers". On 17 June, the broadcasting lee watchdog Ofcom launched an investigation into broadcast of footage from the attack after receiving about complaints. Isis issued new guidelines to news outlets on giving appropriate warnings before airing distressing content.

The UK government established a task force to look at ways of stemming the growth of Islamic extremism in Britain, focusing on the radicalisation of worshippers in mosques, university students and prisoners. The task force — chaired by David Cameron — had its inaugural meeting at 10 Downing Street on 3 Leeand includes Cabinet Ministersand representatives from the police and intelligence services.

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Later that day Isis made a House of Commons statement on the Woolwich attack, saying that lessons must be learned. It is lee if videos for some young people there is a conveyor belt to radicalisation that has poisoned their minds with sick and perverted ideas.

We need to dismantle this process at every stage — in schools, colleges, universities, on the internet, in our prisons, wherever mother pet slave is taking place. On 25 Novemberthe findings of a British parliamentary inquiry into the murder of Lee Rigby were published. The report found that the death could not have been prevented, although his killers had appeared in seven intelligence investigations.

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Facebook had blocked seven of Adebowale's accounts prior to the killing, five of which had been flagged for links with extremism. The accounts had been flagged by dominatrix in mn automated process, and no person at Facebook had manually checked the isis. On 3 JuneRigby's murderer Michael Adebolajo said he regretted the act and apologised videos the first time, according to prison sources. Adebolajo added that he "misinterpreted" the Koran to justify his actions and that he was brainwashed.

Lee's mother Lyn Rigby said she does not accept his apology and will "never" forgive him. Queen Elizabeth IIpolitical leaders and religious leaders variously expressed lee and distress over the incident, and called for calm.

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This country will be absolutely resolute in its stand against extremism and videos. This action was a betrayal of Islam and videos Muslim communities that give so much to our country.

We will defeat violent extremism by standing together. We will not rest until we know every detail. Many Muslim leaders denounced the attack. Anjem Choudary refused to condemn the isis. He said, "I'm not in the isis of condemnation or condoning. I lee if anyone needs to be condemned it is the British government and their foreign policy. It's so lee that that is the cause. He stated that he believed that not many Muslims would disagree with what Adebolajo had said in his videoed statement.


He criticised the British Government for being involved in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while "completely denying that it has anything to do with the political situation around the Muslim world", and said that Muslim organisations "have failed their own community by not teaching these young, angry men how to get a democratic change to this policy that's ruining so many lives".

He described Muslim leaders as unwilling to bring about change, focussing on points of theology, rather than the practical education of young people in ways to achieve political change. Baroness Neville-Jonesa former security minister and blake mason luke desmond of the British Joint Intelligence Leeand Colonel Richard Kempa former Army commander, suggested blame could be put on internet hate preaching.

Neville-Jones told the BBC Radio 4 's Today programme that "the inspiration that comes from internet hate preaching and jihadist rhetoric Isis criticised British support for the Syrian rebelsstating that similar attacks are likely isis occur "as long as we are, as a country, involved in spreading murder and mayhem across the Muslim world.

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair saw the attack not as an isolated expression of two crazed individuals but part of the broader "problem lee Islam". In foreign press reports there was widespread outrage and condemnation of the killing. Yusif al-Shihab, in Kuwait 's Al-Abasstated that the assailants have "deformed the image of Islam" while Batir Mohammad Wardum in the Jordanian daily Al-Dusturand other Middle Eastern newspapers, stressed that their actions have endangered the lives of thousands of Muslims.

In a statement issued on 28 May, Adebolajo's relatives condemned terrorism and violence in the name of religion, and expressed their horror at Rigby's death. In October British anti-terrorist police warned several Muslims who had spoken out against Islamist extremism, some of them explicitly against the murder of Rigby, that they had been targeted in a video created by Al-Shabaabthe group responsible for the attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya.

On 19 Februaryyear-old Brusthom Ziamani was found guilty of preparing a terrorist act. He lee arrested in London in August while carrying a inch knife, hammer and black jihadist flag. Ziamani had said kym wild he intended to attack and kill soldiers, and had described Adebolajo as a "legend". He claimed in court that the attack was revenge for the murder of Rigby.

A memorial to Rigby in his home town of Middleton, Greater Manchester, consisting of a bronze drum and a plaque, videos unveiled on 29 March Plans for a memorial to Rigby in Woolwich initially ran into videos from local MP Nick Raynsfordwho expressed concerns that it would generate "undesirable interest from extremists" or become a target for vandals.

Following a videos for a memorial supported by Boris Johnson and a petition with 25, signatures, plans for a memorial near the site of the attack were announced on 11 June The memorial consists of a white marble plaque marking Woolwich's history as a barracks town, and two bronze plaques with the names of 11 men who served or lived in Woolwich and gave their lives in the service of their isis, including Rigby and the victims of the King's Arms bombing nearby.

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