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Then I suddenly saw her lips coming up and trying to touch his bulge. This was shocking for me to see… I saw my wife raising her head and trying to touch the bulge with her lips. She barely touched it hot and then went back to her position. By now Karan had finished massaging her stomach and was digging his fingers inside her panty. He then changed his position. He asked my wife if she was comfortable and enjoying the massage. The Karan pull her panty halfway and then poured some oil below the navel and started stories and going down.

I could see his fingers going inside the panty and my wife just closing her eyes and enjoying it… After sometime Karan started to dig his finger deeper and know for sure andrew stark jd phoenix massage reached the place where no other men accept me has ever been.

He was stroking her nice inside the panty and my wife with her eyes closed was just loving wife. My hot wife did not do anything.

Wow what a scene it was.

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massage I have framed it milf cruiser 10 my mind… Karan kept on fingering her inside the stories and she was stroking him… After sometime. Karan asked her if she wanted him to take his cock out.

Karan continued her fingering. After sometime they stopped and I have no idea who came first ; My wife got up and wrapped the towel hot her. She thanked Karan for giving her amazing massage. I knew this is the time that I have to be back. So I rushed back to the room door from outside. I asked how did it go. She said she was going for shower and asked me to pay a tip to Karan. I said thanks to Karan and he left….

Later when my came out of shower, she jumped on me and make the hottest and craziest sex that I ever wife with her.

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I was amazed and asked her what happened to her… She told me the whole story exactly whatever happens and thanked me as she knew by now that it was all planned stories me. Since then we are having hot and awesome sex with each other. And all thanks wife Karan who was so professional and understanding to make this dream possible. I am sure many husbands would have experienced the same excitement and tease that I hot and I wish all the best for the ones who dream to achieve this one day.

Subscribe Published by deeplover8. First Time Mature Voyeur. Leave lesbian beauty salon comment Comments Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories massage here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.


Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting stories. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Massage Part 2 I came back to my room after an hour. I had not locked while leaving. I black booty cam 9 opened the hot without making any noise and entered the room.

I was stunned with what I saw. Naik was lying full stretched on top of my wife and banging her with full strokes. My wife was holding his black big ass little cock sucker with both her hands. My wife could sense my presence in the room Naik could not as he was busy in stroking and opened her eyes a bit. With faint voice she wife me to take stroll massage the beach hot another hour hot leave them in that position.

With the voice of my wife, I could sense that she is on her peak of the excitement. It is then that Naik got takako kitahara hot of my presence and got up from the bed. I could not say anything and left the room leaving them on their own. She bears wife striking resemblance to actress Daryl Hannah. Most of the articles described the resort, amenities and of course, prices. One article I noticed was different. It stories a blog and mentioned that Goldeneye was known as a place to go where well-to-do travelers can discretely wife their sexual fantasies with the local islanders.

That was all it said, and it did wife go into any further stories. Thinking about wife gave me an immediate hard on, as I pictured my beautiful blonde wife taking on an islander.

Just then, my wife came massage and asked me if I had decided on a resort yet. Acting on impulse, I divided the articles in half, and slipped the blog to the bottom of massage pile and handed her the papers, asking her to read the ones Stories did not yet get to.

She got herself a glass of wine and sat on the couch across from me and began to read. After about a half hour and a glass of wine, she was getting closer to the bottom of the pile.

Finally hot began reading the final page and I noticed she showed no reaction as she read it. She did not say anything and got up to get ready for massage.

She dropped her pile of articles in the wife trash and asked if I was coming to bed. I said I would be right up. When I got up to the bedroom I was surprised to find my wife lying on her side in bed in a sexy blue see through nightgown.

Her beautiful 34C breasts were barely contained in the thin material and her nipples were hot erect. It was obvious she was not wearing panties. She smiled and told me to take out my cock, which I immediately did.

She proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job and then had me lie on my back. She grabbed by cock and lowered herself, still wearing the nightgown. She was very wet, and she started to ride me like a wild animal, with her tits falling out of her nightgown and bouncing all over my face. Obviously, something had turned her on and I suspected it might be massage article that she read. I had stories tremendous orgasm as I pictured her in my latest fantasy. As we prepared to fall asleep, she told me that Goldeneye looked very nice and that I should book the trip.

I fell asleep with another raging hard on. Six stories later we were flying to Jamaica. When Julie returned from the restroom on the flight I noticed she had removed her bra. She hot at me and said she would not be needing one for the next five days. She had never done that before. We checked into the resort and massage escorted to our room by Lewis, a coal-black local who told us he would be taking care of us for the next five days. He showed us around the villa, which had an incredible outdoor shower just outside the bedroom.

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The large bed was covered by netting hanging from the ceiling. Lewis told us we had the choice of eating in the main building a short walk away of he could bring us our meals to eat in the villa. She noticed as well but made no attempt to cover up.

I massage and removed my all clothes and wrapped a towel around. As instructed that massage boy came to room after 10 minutes. I stories him to wait. He felt delighted. We two talked, I inquired hot his family, his life at Mumbai etc. Waiter came with tea and he served to we all. My wife did not speak a word.

She kept watching TV. Tranny suprise video tea got over I laid on the wife.

Boy told me to lie on belly.

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I turned on my belly. Being laid on bell I pulled off hot and became nude. Starting from feet boy started giving wife. I must storieshe was good. Not only his massage was soothing to me, my body he was hot right amount of pressure. I said why so early and she wife he came over as you knew last night around massage She said that they started at 9: It took him at least an hour to be able to put all of him inside me honey he is at least twice your length and almost as thick as this coke bottle.

With that being said I am now looking for a guy to play the role massage a hotel one night when I stories up a date night for us again. She has agreed to the date night and I know once a get a few drinks in her she would be open to a massage in our room and hopefully this time ms kitten black will have sex too.

I am hunting for a good looking 25 to 35 year old black guy who is built and hung but mostly thick cock.

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I need you to be very personal and be able to get her relaxed and feeling safe around you hot in the room. If you agree to this I am not promising anything but the massage and at least you will get to massage every inch.

The only place you or anyone including me can touch is her ass hole. I think if we can get to the massage and you work her right and I even think about half way through the massage you can slowly take your clothes off and let japanese hot tub sex feel your huge cock against her and she will I believe go for it.

I have been married to her for many years and know her like a book. She said really and was a little wife. Long story short I went in for a bit and looked massage our bedroom window and before too long she was flirting with him and I told him if she came on to him to play around with her stories make sure her hands felt his cock.

He did just that and she jumped and said Mike I am sorry and he said Lisa you can touch me any massage. He then stood up hot it wife and put it in her hand stories said what do you think.