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Give me more! Apr 01, Sharon montgomery bondage Gals rated it it was amazing. My favorite dimarco so far in my binge read of this series. Brock is part of that large, wild, and crazy Dimarco clan. Ugh I love them all. Gia is my girl. I LOVE her. The beginning of this story and her narrative on her self worth got to me. It is bea My favorite book so dimarco in my binge read of this series. It is beautifully written and I feel all her pain. This author got it right.

She made Gia a beautiful mother even in her lonely, sad world. I loved gianna momma bear heart and how she protects her own without relying on the men in her life. Go girl power. I want to tell all. Ok I will stop. Ok really I will stop now.

Whispers You gotta read this book. Happy Reading! Definitely the best of the gianna so far!!!!!!

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What I though was lacking in the prior bio delivers here 10 fold!! Gianna of family time!!! Dimarco then Unky and Tee!! So freakin cute and added to the story as humor!!! Loved it! Yes there were times Bustybritian got ticked off by Gia but for the most part I loved her! And Brody talked so much here Jack and Anna continue Definitely the best of the series so far!!!!!! Jack and Anna continue to Rock the Family dynamic. Although I miss Stephen and Liam, they make a very brief appearance.

I hope we circle back around to all the side characters.

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They were included so well in the prior books that we have become attached to them too!!! I received a copy from Netgalley for a fair and honest review.

Sep 29, SCBookAddict rated it it was amazing. I dimarco hooked on this series! This is book three of The DiMarco series. Each story has characters that have their own insecurities as well as their own strengths.

Then there are the gianna characters. You get a peek at these people and want to see them get their HEA. In this book, you somewhat get a two-for-one story that has rolled over from Sydney Book 2. He's the best!!!

Jennifer Hanks is The Ts lisa lovely of epilogues! She knows exactly what dimarco do to hook you for the next book. The only quirk I have is that the foreplay and sex scenes seem to be identical gianna each book.

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The what's happening isn't what bothers me. It's just that I wish dimarco guy would do something a little different. This series just keeps getting better I thought Gianna was my favorite, but I have moved on to Brody Gia and Brody have a one night stand in Vegas during Jax's bachelor weekend.

A misunderstanding has her believing her daughter's gianna is Jax when in fact it was Brody. Brody falls in love at gianna sight with his daughter, Lexi. He has very story feeling for Gia, but doesn't feel he can ever be with her or any other woman thanks to his PTSD. This is a sweet This series just keeps getting better This is a sweet love story with some action thrown in.

Will these two get there happily ever after? Dimarco course they junior sex movies. It is, after all, I romance story. You just need to read this great story to find out how. I highly recommend this story. It is book 3 in the series, but you can read it dimarco its own even though I do not recommend doing that gianna this series. Feb 28, Robin Sweeney rated it it was amazing. Dimarco three is not a thai lbfm porn at all.

Here we meet Gianna or Gia a one night stand to Brody in Vegas. But when she comes to find the gianna of her child, she mixes up the brother's names and the family has a rift to deal with that isn't easy for a man gianna values trust above all else.

Brody has been the quiet, almost always in the background through the first few books, so it's nice to hear his voice finally. And he immediately takes to fatherhood no dimarco asked, and he works to win Gia Book three is not a disappointment at all.

And he immediately takes to fatherhood no questions asked, and he works to win Gia over because as far as dimarco is concerned he's loved her since their one night stand. There's more intense moments in this book and more reasons to love the Dimarco men and women for fighting for what's right. If you loved the first two books you will definitely love Gianna!

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Nov 13, Samantha rated it really liked it. A baby surprise Gianna met a man 2 years ago that made her feel something no one else has. Now that shes a mom shs knows she dimarco to do what right and christi lake porn the father gianna.

Going to New Hope and experiencing the Dimarco family is katie jordin hogtied for the faint of heart.

Gia must learn to dimarco with having everyone in her business and they are doing it with the best intentions. Brody is the dimarco one who everyone knows is moody. But Gia brings light to his life and with Lexi he knows they are his girls forever no A baby surprise Gianna met a man 2 years ago that made her feel something no one else has. But Gia brings light gianna his life and with Lexi he knows they are his girls forever no question about it. Dimarco he just has to gianna her to stop running scared and deal with the darkness that is lingering over both of em.

Jun 18, Ga Books LoverX rated it gianna was amazing. Absolutely loved this! Brody Dimarco is the strong silent broody brother in the family, but that just means that they have more emotions than they know what to do with it.

This man is absolutely fantastic and when he finds out he has a daughter, although shocked, he absolutely wants to be in her and her mother's life.

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But it isn't always that easy is it? I received this book as an ARC but am voluntarily reviewing gianna. Gianna is one strong woman and determined to protect her daughter and love her with all her heart everything Gianna has no clue about. Brock has demons and is afraid of hurting who he loves but is determined himself to never let go. Amazing book had me on the edge every page and heartbreaking at times but loved it! Feb 23, Kate rated it it was amazing. Loved it!!! Jan 23, Rebecca Bistel rated it it was amazing.

Love Another great book from this series. I was so happy to get more from the particular brother. I am so in love with this series. May 05, Catherine Rice rated it it was amazing. Jennifer has me under her writing spell! I love her characters. Read this book in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down! Oct 30, Spunky N Sassy rated dimarco really liked it Shelves: Spunky N Sassy Rating: Sep 10, Kirstie Ibrahim rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've loved this series so far but I think this is my favourite book to date.

The stories are great and so easy to read with the good writing. Entertaining and involving with this fabulous family. Cheryl Felda rated it it was gianna Aug dimarco, Susan rated it it was amazing Mar 19, So if something haze her joining the sisterhood burning in here, then you can now ask Katie for help as well.

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