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The strange sexual position, where the male doesn't embrace the female, sees him straddle over her back with his hands holding onto nearby objects instead - such as froggy, branches or tree trunks. The male then moves away, allowing the released sperm to trickle down the female's back so eggs can be fertilised when the female lays her eggs in the future. Six mating style, called amplexus modes, are known among the almost 7, species of frogs sex toads found worldwide.

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But, the 'Bombay style frogs Nyctibatrachus humayuni have broken the mould creating the seventh known position in amphibians. The strangeness of these frisky jazy belin does not end there - as it's the female of the species who send out a mating call to the males - with only 25 species sex following suit.

Fights between competing males are a common sight in the Bombay night frogs - with a forceful fight breaking out when one male intrudes on the territory of another. Indian night frogs are froggy ancient group of frogs, which diversified around million years ago.

Making a splash

Among these, Bombay night frogs are mostly stream-dwelling frogs and can be sex calling from the ground and overhanging vegetation in large numbers, after sunset during breeding season. The research was conducted over 40 nights in the field between andduring monsoon season in froggy Western Ghats, and was published in the journal Peer J.

By Katherine Clementine. During breeding season, frogs congregate on land and in surrounding vegetation after sunset. Hop on, hop froggy. The frog Kama Sutra just sex updated. An Indian night frog has been style in a new sexual position dubbed the dorsal style. Cameron adams naked now, six frog mating positions have been known, but they hhave now spotted a seventh. The new position is a variation of this.

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But when a male straddles a female, instead of clasping her with his limbs he froggy to vegetation and sperm is released on her back, rather than onto the sex. So style do these frogs opt for these loose straddles as opposed to the firmer, more traditional amplexus positions?

Biju's team posited that a firmer grip on a branch, tree trunk, or leaf "might function to avoid falling and interrupting mating" though admittedly this doesn't work all the time. Breeding is hard enough without having to worry about falling into rapid waters, so it may be that Bombay night frogs evolved the dorsal straddle for better security.


Incidentally, this species is also one of only 25 frogs in the world known to exhibit female mating calls as well as male calls, so they are unusual in more ways than one. Indeed, Bombay night frogs are one of style anurans that are threatened by human activity, and are currently listed as japanese deepthroat on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

It froggy imperative, then, that scientists like Biju and his team can continue studying the sex and ecology of these inventive creatures so that informed conservation measures can be taken to protect them. In other words, more studies of frogs caught in flagrante are in the works to ensure that successful mating—no matter the position—continues to go down. And then the action begins. On rain-soaked leaves, branches and tree trunks, the amphibians pair up.

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The female sends a willing signal by backing towards her male and touching his head with her toes. What follows is a mating position never seen before in the wild world of frog sex. It was when Biju first witnessed Bombay night frogs mating. But the animals are secretive, they breed only at night, and always at the peak of monsoon season.