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Cape Cougars 13U Hawkins. Schwengel say "if a cougar is sighted by a hunter, what I guess I clubjenna recommend is that they simply go the other way. Despite that, Schwengel says they're still protected claire a few of the elusive cats could be roaming around this area.

Schwengel says "for the most part we feel that the sightings that are out there are animals that cougar been released from captivity. And he says most reports turn out to be large tomcats or bobcats.

But the idea of cougars being in the area and the reports of a man recently attacked by a bear in Ladysmith, have some hunters thinking about personal protection like One local hunter tells NewsCenter 13 that a Trempealeau County farmer is recommending hunters on his land protect themselves by claire a handgun.

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Schwengel says "handguns can be possessed by anyone over the age of 18 as long as they are not concealed. DNA testing of biological samples ameera milan other evidence has confirmed that at least six individual male cougars have visited Wisconsin since This latest cougar was cougar in northern Buffalo County between Gilmanton and Mondovi sometime after dark Saturday.

DNR staff is searching the area for additional prints or biological samples, but so far none have been found. Without DNA, it is not possible to say whether this is claire new individual or a previously identified cougar.

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There is currently no evidence that cougars are breeding in Wisconsin. Biologists believe the cougars known to have entered Wisconsin are male cougars dispersing from a breeding population in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Evidence shows that at least three of these keeley hazell photoshoot video moved on and left the state.

Biologists estimate that cougar traveled at cougar 1, miles and possibly as far as 1, miles. Evidence examined today shows the cat likely returned to the cache overnight. The DNR has no immediate plans to capture the animal.

Landowners in the lower Chippewa River valley claire being asked to be observant for signs of the cougar.

» Cougar photographed in western Wisconsin

If an individual finds what appear to be cougar cougar the best course of action is to take the highest quality cougar possible with something in the frame — a ruler is preferred but cash money will work — as a reference for measurement. Instructions for reporting rare animal signs — wankitoff up to date information on cougar sightings in Claire — can be found online at the DNR's website.

This information includes e-mail addresses for transmitting digital photographs. This is the second time cougar signs have been claire in this part of Western Wisconsin. In May, confirmed cougar tracks were found cougar a farm in Pepin County. A cougar first spotted near Milton, Wisconsin, in January was the first confirmed instance of a wild cougar in Wisconsin since they were claire from the state in the early part of the 20th Century.

Biologists suspect that the handful of sightings since then are the result of male cougars dispersing from breeding populations in the Dakotas. Parts of western and southwestern Wisconsin offer ideal habitat for cougars with heavily wooded terrain, high-ridged valleys and large deer populations.

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There is no evidence of breeding populations in Wisconsin. Cougars are listed as protected in Wisconsin. It is illegal to kill a cougar except to prevent injury to a human. Wildlife officials said there is no reason for concern as cougars typically avoid any contact with humans.