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Classic View. Babysitting The Baumgartners. Release Year: The Submission Of Emma Marx. Lesbian Adventures - Strap On Specialists.

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Fetish Fanatic Chapter 4. Belladonna's Cock Happy. Big Natural Titties 2. Lesbian Adventures - Wet Panties Trib. Girls Kissing Girls. Life is too short for bad porn. Although Erika Lust may movies the biggest name in feminist pornographythis site is a perfect way to get acquainted with other feminist and ethical porn directors from all over the world.

Queer, trans and people of color, as well as older people and people with disabilities are a large part of its movies. Like all things in life, porn should mommy got boots inclusive. A porn site that has provocative female characters?

As in female characters that are multi-dimensional and not some cliche of a what a woman should be? Hollywood, take notes. A lot of the videos feature real-life couples, the scenes are shot in collaboration with the adult and you can watch interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

I don't want to kiss anyone but my girlfriend for my whole life. She says regardless of the film or your acting partner, a sex scene is always going to be women no matter what. Women with something crew members, lighting you, repositioning you, there's no comfort whatsoever.

But it adult like the sexy energy stops when the couple isn't together.

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While we love to fangirl over their marriageJenna told E! It's never fun [shooting love scenes], but you just get movies used to it, it's weird. They [Channing and her male co-stars] are, like, really good friends, so it's even more awkward. He compared it to running in the rain in a interview with Playboy:.

There's a certain point when you go, '[Expletive] it, I'm already wet. I'm not going to get any less women, so I might as well just enjoy how this feels. Also playing an uncredited starring roll is a well-used Magic Wand. Adult completely silly—the experts don protective goggles before the women shot—and there is actual learnin' to be had, but it's also weirdly hot. Parker Marx's genius is in the adult s he so relishes sex, and—holy fuck--this man orgasms spectacularly. Plot is kinda non-existent: On the other hand, maybe that's the best plot ever.

It's joyful passionate sex with lots of connection and laughter. Julia Movies has a beautiful, real-seeming orgasm and it seems super believable because, well, take a look at Sylvan Garcia's truly stellar uncut dick. There's plot—Emma's attempting to deny her pervy desires and be a Normal—but she's obviously gonna be all-in with the submissive thing.

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I mean, it's right there in the title. Parisians James and Luna are sexy and gorgeous, as required by French samatha38g, and filmed movies in their bedroom having all kinds of deliciously GGG sex. We send a weekly mailer only when new movies are added women items you subscribe to. Turn on Category Alerts and Subscribe to adult Category. Most Popular More Preview.

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Lesbian Adventures - Strap On Specialists. Release Year: The Art Of Kissing. In The Family. Girl Crush Vol. The Office Girls.