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Oman National Day Quotes

30+ Best Oman National Day Quotes

Oman National Day Quotes: Oman’s National Day is celebrating 18th November of every year. It is the most important day in Oman’s history. Here are some inspirational and special quotes about Oman National Day 2017

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Oman National Day Quotes

30+ Inspirational Oman National Day Quotes

“Education and Training Human is a Laborious Process.
Yet, It is a Necessary Process.
We Shall, for our part,
Spare no effort to provide opportunities
For the training of Omanist at all levels of Education”

“From The Words of His Majesty The Sultan
His Majesty’s Wisdom
Everyone in this nation is equal.
There Isn t any difference between big and small,
Rich and Poor; for Equality mandates
Everyone to be Siblings under the umbrella of Social Justice.
3rd National Day, 18 November 1973”

“His Majesty’s Wisdom
If Thins are to be Judged by Results,
We can Say that what has been Achieved,
With the help of God,
Is a great Achievement.
History Will testify that you,
Sons of Oman,
Patiently faced the challenges,
And Overcame all Problems.”

“I know you can all do good things, but together, collectively, we can do great things. Let’s keep bringing value closer to people.” Tariq Al Barwani, Knowledge Oman Founder 

“Be humble, honest and balance your inner self to make the right choices.” Fatma Yousuf Al Ibrahim, Executive Director, Dolphin International LLC

“Innovate because imitating is as good as living someone else’s dream.” Ghada Al yousef, Executive Manager Group Communications & Sustainability 

“Do not leave todays homework for tomorrow.” Omani Proverb

“Decide who you’re going to be on social media, how you’re going to define yourself before starting a profile.” Unknown, PR Summit Oman

“The path of patience is bitter but it tastes sweet at the end.” Khadija Al Lawati, Senior Dealer Treasury & Capital Markets, Alizz Islamic Bank

“You know you can do it!” Abeer Al Abdawani, former CEO Oman Brunei Investment Fund

“Your goal will remain a wish without an action plan.” Amer Al Fadhil, CEO, Competence HR

“Eliminate the noise and FOCUS on the mission.” Sharifa Al Barami, Managing Director, Oman Accelerator Fund

“I will never ask you to jump off a cliff, unless I am the first to jump.” Dr Ali Al Lawati, Non-Fuel Retail Consultant, Shell Oman Marketing

“Muslims are considered as the agents of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH (PBUH) on earth. And for a human being, life is very short. So, in this short span of time, he or she should do good deeds and add value to society. A Muslim should always toil for the progress of society he lives in.”

“Dream big, aspire high; unleash your talent; transform the talent into skills; hold tight to your values; and aim to leave a legacy behind.”

“Those who have achieved their dreams didn’t do it sitting in a comfort zone. They challenged the status quo.”

“There is nothing like mission impossible. We need to have a short-term will, medium-term resolution and long-term plan.”

“I would like to see every successful Omani businessman and businesswoman to mentor 10 young Omanis. Without mentoring we won’t move forward.”

“Being productive and sincere in the job will be rewarded”.


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