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Oman National Day- Happy Oman National Day History, Anthem, Videos, Quotes, Wallpapers

Oman national day is celebrated on November 18th every year. The National day celebrations start from 18th November and continue till 19th November because November 19th is called Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said day.

Omani celebrated the Birth Day party in the honour of Sultan Qaboos. Sultan Qaboos is also known as Sultan of Oman.

Omani people celebrated 2 days consecutive holidays

18th November (Oman National Day) and 19th November (Sultan Qaboos Birth Day)

Oman National Day 

Oman’s National Day History

The Omani individuals remained comparatively independant from the tribes close them, except from temporary pressure placed on them by Persia and close areas, until 1507.

The Portugese took management over the ports in Muscat and Sohar in this year, exploitation their service techniques and technology. They managed to achieve management over the remainder of the coast in 1507 rendering Sultanate of Oman occupied.

Sultanate of Oman was seen as a creative commerce purpose on the Indian Spice route.

The Portuguese influence was finally weakened when British people Malay Archipelago Company signed a pact with the Al-Ya’ribi social group permitting them legal and non secular rights to control in Oman’s ports. This weakened Portugal’s management over the region significantly giving a rebellion to achieve success.

In 1650, on the eighteenth of Gregorian calendar month, Imam Sultan Bin Saif crystal rectifier a rebellion that with success expelled the Portuguese from the Omani shores. Sultanate of Oman has been freelance ever since. Sultanate of Oman is recognized as being the longest endlessly independent state within the Arab region and continues to relish that independence.

Oman National Day History

Oman National Day Anthem

The music, within the “Arab fanfare” variety of anthem is taken from a salute to the swayer by a British ship in 1932. The music director of the HMS Hawkins, whereas visiting Muscat, was asked to jot down a salutation for the swayer on the occasion of his visiting the Hawkins.

The tune was composed and initial performed on the occasion of the visit, Gregorian calendar month ten, 1932.

Originally, there have been completely different words to the anthem. once this swayer, Sultan Qaboos, took power in 1970 and altered the name of the country to Sultanate of Oman (from Muscat and Oman), new words were written.

A small amendment to the harmonization was created on Gregorian calendar month half dozen, 1996.

Oman National Day Anthem

Oman National Day Anthem Lyrics (Arabic)

يا ربنا فاحفظ لناسلطاننا صائد,
صائد بالتأييد
ولاذ المجيد.
واحفظ له استقلاله
و أديم إلى الإسلام
ذيلا ليوحي وال مسلمين.

Oman National Day Anthem Lyrics (Romanization)

Ya Rabbana fahfadh lana
Sultanana Sa’id,
Sa’id biltayid
Wal’izz al-magid.
Wahfadh lahu istiqlalahu
Wa adim ‘ala al-Islam
Dhilla liwaihi wal Muslimin.

Oman National Day Anthem English Translation

God save our Sultan Said;
Happy may he be with our support,
Honour and glory.
May his independence be preserved,
His banners perpetual giving their shade
Over Islam and Muslims.

Happy National Day Oman

Happy National Day Oman


Happy Independence Day 2017


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Happy National Day Oman Quotes

“Education and training human is a laborious process. Yet, it is a necessary process. We shall, for our part, spare no effort to provide opportunities for the training of Omanis at all levels of education.” His Majesty Sultan Qaboos of Oman, Sultan Qaboos University, 1991″

“Everyone in this nation is equal. There isn’t any difference between big and small, rich and poor; for equality mandates, everyone to be siblings under the umbrella of social justice.” HM Sultan Qaboos of Oman, 3rd National Day 18 November 1973″

We are continuing on this path, God willing as we are, that the country, in its blessed march, needs both men and women because no doubt it resembles the bird in relying on both its wings to fly high on the horizons of the sky. How can this bird manage if one of its wings is broken? Will it be able to fly?” His Majesty Sultan Qaboos of Oman, announcement of Oman Women’s Day 17 October

“We belong to the international family. Our foreign policy is defined with clarity a hand building from within and a hand offered in goodness, giving, continues participation in the world’s events and development.” His Majesty Sultan Qaboos of Oman, Speech via Oman TV, 26 November 1975″

“Dream big, aspire high, unleash your talent; transform that talent into skills; hold tight to your values; and aim to leave a legacy behind.” The Late Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry, scholar, engineer, master of languages and counsellor”

“Those who have achieved their dreams didn’t do it sitting in a comfort zone. They challenged the status quo.” The Late Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry, scholar, engineer, master of languages and counsellor”

Happy National Day Oman Wallpapers


Happy Oman National Day Wallpapers


Oman National Day Wallpapers


National Day 2017


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