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Happy Mother’s Day Wishes, Messages in English Hindi and Tamil For {2k18}

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes: Mother’s day wishes messages in English, Hindi, and Tamil. Hello! Viewers welcome to my blog. Almost fee days are lest for mother’s day 2018. Awaited day from all children is near to come. This year mother’s day is celebrating 13 May from most parts of the world including Pakistan and India. For this special day, children’s are arranged a special dinner or party in the honor of their moms and grandmoms. Mother’s day can be celebrated by sending some special and amazing wishes, messages to your mom. If you are searching for this don’t worry you are at right place now. We have some special wishes collection for mothers and grandmothers. Also these wishes messages available in English, Hindi, Urdu and Tamil languages on our website.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes Messages

We may not always be in good terms
We may argue, we may have some quarrel
But at the end of the day, your love will erase all the hurt and pain
You’re the best and one-of-a-kind.
I love you so much and Happy Mother’s Day

I am so glad that God gave me such a great mother like you.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother teaches us:

M- Moral Values,

O- Obedience,

T- Trueness,

H- Honouring,

E- Ethics,

R- Respecting

Happy Mother’s Day!
You have always taught me, protected me, encouraged me,
and accepted me for who I am!
I will always be grateful.

There’s a lot more to being a woman than being a mother, but there’s a hell a lot more to being a mother than most people suspect.

Happy Mother's Day Messages

You’re caring
You’re loving
You’re devoted
You’re patient
You’re understanding
You’re kind
You’re the best
I Love You!
Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. This is your special day and you deserve the very best! You’ve always been such a great role model and I’ve learned so much just watching you in action. Love and blessings to you.

A mother is the only person who is honest with distributing her love to every her child she makes her child able to stand in this world. Hope you’ll be alright and Happy Mothers day.

Hey, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Now that I’m a mother myself, I understand what a trooper you’ve been all these years. More power to us both! Wishing you a wonderful day, full of the things you love most.

A mother’s hug can last so long that if a person can live for a thousand year, his mother’s hug will be that long-lasting. Happy Mothers day and I really need a hug like that.

Dearest Mother, Happy Mom’s Day! We may not have been so close when I was younger, but I’ve always known that you’re there for me. Now, as I prepare to become a mom, I look forward to a new and exciting chapter with you. I wish you health and happiness today and always.

Mothers love bond is so strong that neither external bond can break this bind nor can create a mutual share bond. It is one of her own kind.

My love is nothing as compared to your love, My love is like a drop in the whole ocean of love and that ocean of love is yours. Thank You, Mom, and just thank you a lot.

Mom, you’ve always been my greatest fan. I honestly don’t know how you do it. I’ve certainly given you a run for your money, but you’ve never given up on me. Happy Mother’s Day. Know that I truly treasure you.

To my precious mother, Happy Mom’s Day! What would I do without you, Mom? You’ve got a heart of gold and the patience of a saint! I love you and I’ll be thinking about you throughout the day. Enjoy!

My happiness is all that I want to see you smiling and that smile can heal every my wound and that smile can lighten every my darkness.

Good Morning Dear Mother, May your this day becomes the best day of your life and wish you happy Mothers day.

It’s mother who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. The more I grow, the more I realize that my mom is the best best friend that I ever had.

Thank you for being the most generous and supportive person in my life.
Happy Mother’s Day!

You just smile, and we live.
You just lay your hands to us,
and we couldn’t have enough.
Thank you so much Mommy!

My mom is a never-ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune.

Everyone will leave me but I know,
that will never include you.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes Messages in Hindi, Urdu and Tamil

मैं सब कुछ ‪भूल‬ सकता हूँ…तुम्हे नहीं माँ
मुस्कुराने‬ की वजह ‪सिर्फ‬ तुम हो.
किसी का दिल तोडना  आज तक नही आया मुझे,
प्यार करना जो अपनी ‪माँ‬ से सीखा है मेने.
‪जन्नत‬ का हर ‪लम्हा‬ ‎दीदार‬ किया था,
‎माँ‬ तूने ‪गोद‬ मे उठा कर जब ‪प्यार‬ किया था !
बहुत खूबसूरत लब्ज़
तेरे बिना मैं ये दुनिया छोड़ तो दूँ!
पर उसका दिल कैसे दुखा दूँ!
जो रोज़ दरवाजे पर खड़ी कहती है….
“बेटा घर जल्दी आ जाना”

फूल में जिस तरह
खुशबू अच्छी लगती है
मुझको उस तरह
मेरी माँ अच्छी लगती है…
भगवान सलामत और खुश रखे
मेरी माँ को
सारी दुआओं में मुझे
ये दुआ अच्छी लगती है…!!

Maan baap kee ek dua zindagee bana detee hai,
magar khud roegee aap ko hansa degee,
kabhee bhool kar bhee maan ko na rulaana,
ek chhotee see boond pooree dharatee hila degee..
kabhee na us ghar mein soonaapan ho,
vo jin gharo mein ‎maan‬ ke charan hai.
jis ghar mein ‎maan‬ kee kadar nahin hotee
us ghar mein kabhee barakat nahin hotee.
Duwa Hai Us Rab Se K Tumhare Chehre Ki Khushi Kabhi Kam Na Ho,
Jab Tak Is Wajood Main Saans Rahe Tab Tak Aap Ka Saaya Rahe.

Happy Mother's Day Wishes

உங்கள் வாழ்க்கையில் முக்கியமான எவருக்கும் அன்பு மற்றும் நன்றியுணர்வை வெளிக்காட்டாமல் துயரங்கள் செய்யப்படுகின்றன. விருப்பம் உங்கள் உணவையும் அன்பானவர்களையும் வெளிப்படுத்தும் ஒரு விரைவான வழி.

அனைத்து தாய்மார்களுக்கும், தாய்மார்கள் போன்ற அனைவருக்கும் இனிய தாய் மாலை நாள்: அத்தை, ஆசிரியர்கள், வழிகாட்டிகள், நண்பர்கள்.

உலகெங்கும் உள்ள அனைத்து தாய்மார்களுக்கும் மகிழ்ச்சியான தாய் தினம். நீங்கள் உலகத்தை சுற்றிக் கொண்டு வருகிறீர்கள்.

நான் முதல் பார்வையில் காதல் என்று நம்புகிறேன் ஏனெனில் நான் என் கண்களை திறந்து இருந்து நான் உன்னை காதலிக்கிறேன்.

நான் உன்னிடம் சொல்ல பல முறை முயற்சித்தேன், ஆனால் நான் மீண்டும் சொல்லுவேன்: நான் அம்மாவை நேசிக்கிறேன்

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