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Happy Mother’s Day Poems From Daughter, Son and Husband in English and Hindi {***New***}

Happy Mother’s Day Poems: Mother’s day poems from daughter. Happy mother’s day 2018 poems from husband and son in Hindi and English languages. Mother’s day is the great event which is celebrated every year in May. Poems, poetry, and Shayari are the great source for sharing your feelings with your loving person in life. We have amazing collections of Happy Mother’s day poems. These poems available in text format. You can easily copy these poems and send these poems to your mothers. We have the good collection of mom day poems from daughter, son, and husband.

Happy Mother’s Day Poems

Happy Mother’s Day Poems: Mothers day poems are the great source of sharing your feeling with your mothers. Some happy mother’s day poems are short some poems are long.

Mothers Day Poems in English

I don’t even know where to begin when describing my mother.
she is hard as steel
but still soft as the sky
she is tough as iron
but still gentle as a feather
she is sweeter than honey
and sometimes more sour than a lemon
she a tornado, a hurricane – a force to be reckoned with
capable of tearing apart this home
but she always puts it back together again
she has been broken like glass
but her pieces have formed a beautiful mosaic
she still glows
even when life tried to dull her sparkle
and above all
she is

—  a poem for my mom

Mothers Day Poems

{ ^^^^ANGEL^^^^^ } 

How does an angel with
no wings learn to fly

whose hands are full
but is still able to hold onto
her children and teach them
lessons to get by

I’ve never doubted her
patience and guidance

even when things begin
to falter she’d pick herself up
and push on with life
with her head held high

Now that I’m older and
the world moves faster

I’d hold her hands and take her
to places she’d dreamed of
when she was younger
without any reasons why

Thank you for
loving and accepting me

for who I am and where I’ll go
no matter where in the world
I’ll still be able to know
you’re right under the same sky

Thank you for teaching me
kindness and compassion

two of the most important things
for without which we’ll never know
to love another much like what
we have for you and I

A Poem For Mom

I could write about a secret gate
Discovered in the pine
That could hide a magic garden
For you and I to find

Each flower sings a soulful tune
As lovely as your own
A painted rainbow is the nature
We’d call a second home

I could write about the restless sea
Biting at our boat
Sharply rocking back and forth
Meagerly afloat

We’re rescued by a bobbing bottle
Spilled into our reach
That holds a message read outloud
“You are granted three wishes each”

I could write about a spaceship
Sailing in the stars
Touring galaxies in our dreams
And planets wide and far

Meeting aliens, not pallid
But abstract depictions of angels
Who bowed to your angelic beauty
An in a fairy’s fable

I could write about a dusty map
We found underneath the stairs
You pointed to Africa with your finger
And we then were transported there

I brainstormed a bunch of poem ideas
And I couldn’t pick just one
I would write all the stories for you
Mother, I love you so much

Happy Mothers Day Poems in English

!!!!Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

There are 2 billion of us
4 new ones added every second
72% of us work outside the home
in full or part time jobs, and another
4 to 5 hours a day at home doing chores
and motherly duties.

By the time a child reaches two
we have changed 7,300 diapers
at the average speed of 2 minutes,
given our preschooler attention
once every 4 minutes or 210 times a day.

As a rule we gain 30 lbs. during pregnancy
and spend a year getting it off.

We are educated, trendy and can multitask
in the blink of an eye. We outperform men 2 to 1
and do this easily on a few hours’ sleep.

We are moms and we all deserve
a round of applause today.
Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Poems in Hindi

घुटनों से रेंगेते-रेंगते,
कब पैरों पर खड़ा हुआ,
तेरी ममता की छाव में,
जाने कब बड़ा हुआ,
काला टिका दूध मलाई,
आज भी सब कुछ वैसा हैं,
मैं ही मैं हु हर जगह,
तेरा ये प्यार कैसा हैं?
सीधा साधा भोला भाला
मैं ही सबसे अच्छा हूँ,
कितना भी हो जाऊ बड़ा,
माँ मैं आज भी तेरा बच्चा हूँ

Happy Mother’s Day Poems in Hindi

हमारे हर मर्ज की दवा होती है माँ….
कभी डाँटती है हमें, तो कभी गले लगा लेती है माँ…..
हमारी आँखोँ के आंसू, अपनी आँखोँ मेँ समा लेती है माँ…..
अपने होठोँ की हँसी, हम पर लुटा देती है माँ……
हमारी खुशियोँ मेँ शामिल होकर, अपने गम भुला देती है माँ….
जब भी कभी ठोकर लगे, तो हमें तुरंत याद आती है माँ…..
दुनिया की तपिश में, हमें आँचल की शीतल छाया देती है माँ…..
खुद चाहे कितनी थकी हो, हमें देखकर अपनी थकान भूल जाती है माँ….
प्यार भरे हाथोँ से, हमेशा हमारी थकान मिटाती है माँ…..
बात जब भी हो लजीज खाने की, तो हमें याद आती है माँ……
रिश्तों को खूबसूरती से निभाना सिखाती है माँ…….
लब्जोँ मेँ जिसे बयाँ नहीँ किया जा सके ऐसी होती है माँ…….
भगवान भी जिसकी ममता के आगे झुक जाते हैँ

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